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[53P4|2473|)] (separated)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2009, 6:03 AM
In a dream I had, there was a fuzzy TV screen. It was slowly revealing a picture, but I was too impatient to wait for the reception to clear up. Walking downstairs, I turn a corner looking in a mirror. I am without any features, a pale flesh-colored and perfectly flat face staring back without eyes. This doesn't scare me. I expected it somehow. Downstairs, a whole family of faceless people are in their nightly routine: Faceless Mom sewing, Faceless Dad with a blank bundle of newspaper, and Faceless Daughter listening to a CD player, volume up, and I can hear white noise coming through the earbuds hanging from her long, thin neck.

Someone is missing.

Running outside I call her name, but I only hear it inside my head. A gurgled, muffled noise only escapes my throat, but there is no tongue or lips to express the sound correctly.

Snapping out of first-person perspective and into a third-person viewpoint fixed on the TV screen upstairs the reception has cleared. My mother's ghost flickers onto the screen.

That's when I woke.

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[5i(|] (sick)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2009, 10:48 PM
Well, now that I have access to my computer (and with that, my programs, school art projects, Fallout 3, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [:heart: Bethesda Softworks]), things are feeling a bit up for me. I've gotten a job, which makes less drawing, designing, and gaming time but that's life for you.

With access to more than my portable drive though, I can finally submit a project or two of mine and start on some new ones. Being currently sick, this may be a while longer, but hopefully my writing this will force me to deliver on it and actually start designing and drawing again. I really need to before school starts - my art skills are getting quite rusty.


As far as some personal notes to myself:

need to:

~ practice line quality with technical pens

~ make illustrations indirectly from a model

~ create logo design ideas, including personal logo tweaking

~ thumb alternate logo and identity packages for already existing brands and businesses

~ brush up on my web design

~ start some tutorials again, and expand techniques in Adobe programs

~ make at least one sketch, every day

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[|)3/i47i0|| ||0735] (Deviation Notes)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2009, 4:01 PM

Deviation Notes by electricnet by :iconelectricnet:

Check it out and comment :)
Looks really cool, may try it out in a bit.

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[|=i113|2] (Filler)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2009, 6:58 PM
:heart: thespook and his skins.

Go :+devwatch: him right nao


updates are now delivered to this page via my Twitter account ^


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[ |-|00814|-| ] (Hooblah)

Sun Apr 26, 2009, 5:27 PM
Yuck. eww. other manners of expressing disgust.
Hinds Community College is not devART friendly. Almost officially. After months and months of pushing my way through the system, it is near the end of the semester annnd... nothing's happened.

I blame girl's bewbies. After all, if it weren't for those chest-pillows (or rather the sight of them naked) one would actually have access to his $30 sub'd deviantART page as well as... I dunno... the job offers that were presented through the note system.



A lot has happened. Two sketchbooks have filled up, I've presented an illustration and design portfolio in front of four judges (two of which were channeling Simon, I'm sure), annnnd I've proposed to the last woman on the earth that could live with me without going insane (driving me sane in the process. Can't have any of that hooblah).

  • A new president has been elected.
  • Kanye West is a gay fish
  • J.J. Abrahms is making a Star Trek movie that I may actually like
  • Watchmen is a movie
  • Fallout 3 was released and it is now my most played game
  • I have moved out of my parents place

So much more has happened, and I want to list it all. But I really just created that unordered list for no real useful reason. Perhaps the web design instructor has hypnotized me into making random tags and markups.

Who knows.

I've been in this Starbucks for 6 hours. Beats campus though, by a long shot. Being an RA for two semesters has made me appreciate being out of my dorm. I'm often told by the Hinds Connection guys to give some poor guy a tour of my hall. Usually I dump this off on another RA as

a) my room is messy and

b) tired of Hinds' cheaply-made prison issued bed frames, I successfully flipped my mattress on the floor underneath the frame and snaked some halloween lights through the springs.

Let that be a lesson to ya Hinds: never ask a graphic artist student to have a model RA room. Especially if he lives with a music major.

I have a headache.

</sub>[digging deeper just to throw it away]</sub></sub></sub>
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[5h3 54id y35] (she said yes)

Wed Mar 18, 2009, 2:51 PM
It's true. I'm the happiest man in the world.

:heart: רחל :heart:

still locked out of deviantART from campus. will answer all notes when I can

</sub>[Nothing ever ends]</sub></sub></sub>
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[347 7|-|i5] (eat this)

Sat Nov 1, 2008, 6:06 AM
"Monotony is the Mind-killer"
Mason, Dead Like Me

Hmm, It appears that beneath the calming, spirited, freedom of Hinds Community College a tyrant emerges. A cold, uncaring monster, feeding passionately on the sacrifices of many in his (or her) quest to cleanse the interwebs, deviantART is not only still blocked, but students are forbidden from receiving comcast service and vice-versa.

I am in lockdown, and this page is out of my reach so long as I am on campus. Unless I give myself up to the Baptist Student Union (Something I will not allow myself to do), I have no choice but to wait.

All I have to keep me company is Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, and F.E.A.R. I am appreciative of that much. However, I have quit WoW, as the block interrupts the connection to the server.

Picked up Brisingr and I am almost finished with it. I'm glad Paolini is making a 4th book for his conclusion. Considering all that is going on, it makes more than enough sense in the storyline.
If I had to give any review, it'd be the same as the previous two books: plot flows evenly, and the characters, while in a fantasy world, do not have their heads in the clouds or act irrationally. In fact, it is safe to say that all the characters have a good degree of common sense and make wise decisions, making situations very entertaining. Heroism isn't nearly as much cliche as it is necessary to the plot.


Just a small update,

Here, have a collab by captainhowdy and I, that I just completed earlier this month.


</sub>[Muss es sein?]</sub></sub></sub>
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[5] (S)

Sat Aug 23, 2008, 8:43 AM
a recent email sent to my department head and fellow classmate:

To whatever class gets this email:

Greetings from New York!

I'm sending this email via hijacked wifi through my hotel down the street from Times Square. Yup, Times Square, the central hub of advertising in possibly all these United States. Pretty sweet huh? I know, I know... "pics or it didn't happen"... well, I got pics but I can't upload them on this particular laptop, so I'll do a little show-n-tell when I get back.

New York, in an advertising/marketing/graphic design sense, is simply amazing. It's almost overwhelming: local ads, big corp ads, strategically-placed ads, and some of the most creative and inventive ads I've seen outside of a textbook.

Oh yeah, I'm geeking out.

Times Square is a two-part experience - daytime experience and nighttime experience. During the day, all of the ads are quite clear, but at night, the backlit giant LCD screens, billboards, and other arrangements of flashing lights give the impression that there is some daylight coming through the window of the Jamba Juice we stopped in last night. I mean really, without being able to look up at the perfectly black sky, it looked like 5:00am outside, when the actual time was something like 9:30pm.

Times Square isn't all I experienced when it comes to ads. From the airport sporting attractions in New York, the subway stations adorned with ads for clothing stores and upcoming TV shows, Spanish ads on the sides of buses and Broadway signs on top of taxis, to Mitsuwa in New Jersey (the all-Japanese market) with its own hiragana/katakana/kanji-written ads (instead of the English/Roman type we are used to.Ads are everywhere. In a couple of spots, local ads by small business owners were slapped onto glass doors and graffiti-ridden walls.

Most stores are easy to notice by giant signs or clearly-recognizable characters/logos. However, only one store eluded my advertising and graphic design interests - the Nintendo World store. This so-called headquarters for all things Nintendo had no distinguishable features at the street side to even suggest what it was. No signs, ads, or indications of a bursting activity for Nintendo gamers and fans were there (not even Nintendo's latest palette of bright white and blue as seen in their ads after the Nintendo Wii's release was apparent). Instead, a dimly lit, 3-5 foot long sign inside the store place at an odd angle suggested from the outside what was in there. We almost walked right past it after looking for it for around an hour or so.

Well, I suppose this email's getting a bit long-winded. My trip included lots of things but I've got more to do like go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and see an entire floor devoted to Dali as well as help my step-brother get moved into his dorm on the NYU campus. So I'll see you guys/gals in class sometime Monday or Tuesday.

- Andrew

will try to update more later. school has blocked deviantART and I'm in the process of getting my own connection through my dorm.

</sub>[Muss es sein?]</sub></sub></sub>
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[] (heart)

Mon Jun 16, 2008, 8:32 PM

//___a doodle before bed//_


</sub>[Let me whisper something in your ear]</sub>
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edit: preordering now available…

I know it's a little geeky advertising for a band and all that fanboyishness, but c'mon.. they're awesome and $20 for a bundle of CDs is a great price anywhere on the block.

original post:

If you aren't interested in fanboy shit or Mindless Self Indulgence, ignore this journal.


Here is a copypasta of a myspace bulletin/journal posted last night about an amazing deal being offered to North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico) only:

"On July 8th, Mindless Self Indulgence will be releasing three IF remix CD singles in North America called "IT". Pre-orders begin TOMORROW (June 12th)...
Each single in the IT series features remixes by friends and artists we feel you should check out, as well as original artwork by Jorden Haley. In addition, each CD features a previously-unreleased demo, while two of the three also feature enhanced video content.

While some of you have been bummed out about the band's forthcoming UK debut of "Bomb This Track" and "On It" we hope this will remind you we still love good 'ole North America, too. Just in time for the 4th of July, right? So here's what we're gonna do...

From now until July, we are going to offer a special pre-order only bundle to North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) only which includes all three singles as well as the International edition of IF for just $20.

This includes free shipping if you're located in the USA...we are sick to death of the insane prices people are paying to import the international CD to the US (and the price people are getting on eBay) for them, so...consider this our way of saying "thank you" to everyone in North America.

For those of you who can't keep up, the international version of IF features the fancy red and gold artwork as well as the bonus tracks "Uncle" and "3 S'" AS WELL AS a couple of remixes of "Never Wanted To Dance" (more info on that down at the way bottom)...when this pre-order is over, so is the ability to get this version of the album in North America. Again, this pre-order will begin on June 12th. We will announce via the MySpace, facebook, and all that jazz when the time comes...

Please bare in mind, these singles will be available from The End individually for $6.99 a piece and will be hitting retail at that cost too -- when the pre-order is over, the bundle offer will be no more...with this special pre-order, you are getting the international edition of the record and the three new singles comprising IT for five dollars each.

And again, this includes free shipping for those of you in the US!

Please take note: The bundle offer is for North America ONLY.

We are trying really hard to do something cool for the fans here, and therefore cannot take international orders for this release...if an order is seen for this package deal which has a shipping address outside of USA, Canada, or Mexico, it will be canceled. That said, if you live OUTSIDE of North America you are still more than welcome to buy the singles individually through the store at $6.99 USD each (plus international shipping).

That said, here's the track-listings for the singles and such for you to think about 'till tomorrow:

1) Original Radio Mix
2) The Son Of A Clown Mix (by Shawn from Slipknot/Dirty Little Rabbits)
3) RMX by Ulver
4) Created by :Wumpscut: / Rudy R.

5) DubStep On Your Dirty Little Face Mix by Curse Mackey
6) Greatest Love of All (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
Video Extra: 'What Do They Know' (Live 2007 Projekt Revolution)

01) Original Radio Mix
02) Dinesh Boaz of What What Where Remix
03) Million $ Mano Remix
04) Rhys Fulber Remix
05) Scandy Remix
06) Tub Ring's Disco Edison Remix by Rob Kleiner
07) My World (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
Video Extra: '1989' (Live 2007 Projekt Revolution)

1) Original Radio Mix
2) KMFDM Remix
3) "Grinder Mix" by Hollowboy
4) The Tweaker Remix by Chris Vrenna
5) Assemblage 23 Mix
6) Remix by Antron 2600 of 8 Bit Suicide
7) Make Me Cum (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)

While we understand some of you feel "remix singles" are a waste of your time, there are many fans out there who like the content and are turned onto like-minded musicians via their contributions on MSI singles...if this isn't for you, so be it. No harm, no foul, right? Not only is this a way we can assure those who want the international CD are able to get it (essentially for five fucking bucks), these are not to be taken "as seriously" as one would take a MSI full length. To be a truly independent band and continue to do things like tour with the average price of gas being $4.02 a fucking gallon, we try and do stuff like this from time to time to keep the band out there playing shows for you and making the music you any single or EP, the IT series is something for the fans who want it and want to support the band any way they can -- if you don't dig remixes and rare demos, fine, don't buy it -- we know plenty of you are itching for the chance to brag about how l33t you are, sharing shit quality MP3's...but if you like the artwork and the artists we've put together -- and we hope you do -- then order your package tomorrow.

For those of you who haven't seen the international release you'll be getting if you pre-order the bundle...

IF International CD
Available For A Short Time w/ The IT Remix Set
01) Never Wanted To Dance
02) Evening Wear
03) Lights Out
04) Prescription
05) Issues
06) Get It Up
07) Revenge
08) Animal
09) Mastermind
10) On It
11) Pay For It
12) Due
13) Money
14) Bomb This Track
15) Mark David Chapman
16) Uncle [bonus track]
17) 3 S' [bonus track]
18) Never Wanted To Dance - Electro Hurtz Mix by Combichrist
19) Never Wanted To Dance - The Birthday Massacre Remix feat. Chibi
20) Never Wanted To Dance - Tommie Sunshine [TSMV] Remix
21) Never Wanted To Dance - Spider Mix

Holy shizsticks, 4 albums for the price of 1-2.. plus previously limited release tracks, videos, and an edition only previously available by import or having residence in the UK... 41 tracks for $20 plus the materials being used to making the hard copy discs and case/cover.. and free shipping; this is way too good of a deal to ignore, they are practically giving their albums away between now and beginning of July.

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Where the fuck have I been lately?

Picked up JTHM (Johnny, he's some kind of maniac I hear) Dir3ctor's Cut from Borders. A good greenish-yellow haired friend of mine shoved it under my nose in the comics section last week. I immediately threw my hands into my pockets upon reading those 4 letters, so innocently thrown together on that comic book cover. I squirmed and swam my finger throughout the most intimate parts of my pockets but to no avail - 50 cents + only $13.00 in my wallet = no Johnny The Expensive Comic Book Maniac.

It is strange how you complain at least once about the "corporate machine" and that whole deal, but you instantly recognize how much you really depend on the economy.

Meh, I digress... The end to this little chapter is me waiting five days in intense longing, money ready in my back pocket, hoping, nay, praying no one picks that fucking book up.

I expected it gone when I arrived at Borders yesterday morning. It wasn't. I am temporarily happy. Fictional and/or comedic homicide always has this way of cheering me up : )

P.S. of sorts:
well, damn, forgot I don't have the auto-brackets set up the old way I liked em, being a lowly free member and all now. Hmm.. I'll just throw em in there. fuck it.

[up your skirt]
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[/`/`4554(|23] (massacre)

Journal Entry: Sun May 11, 2008, 7:37 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

I just heard about something new and I'm checking it out now...

Cleaned my room (by force) and I have to say it is kind of refreshing. I literally go crazy in this room, my insane musings will haunt the next renter of this apartment, or at least the next occupant of this room. Sickly, morbid thoughts like that somehow comfort me. A man, lying on a mattress, covered in a single blanket, TV on and casting light against his face, stricken in horror as I ramble on, an apparition in the corner, about dark twisted landscapes with no escape.. no turning back to the rosy-cheeked childhood, that remnant of the past, in even the deepest of memories. Unconditional happiness remembered, a slash of painful remorse.This man is silent because he cannot speak, and he cannot speak because this too, was a dream of his own.

Where was I? Spring cleaning. Thank god I got a distraction, I will be awake at some point tonight. Mother's Day. Fuck. I don't want to think about that. Which is why I am actually glad I got some cleaning done. Distraction is useful on days such as these. I cleaned, and put on some music, and drew with some Prismacolor pencils. It was a good day. Barbecue scents and cheerful people laughing at restaurants and a golden sunset in a city. Those small things are a portal to that unconditional happiness, something I crave and devour without question or thought. Today was a good day.

But I don't look forward to trying to sleep tonight. It's mother's day and I have too much on my mind.

["I'm gonna bash them in, bash them in", I think he said. Then we wished them all a happy birthday. We kissed them all goodnight.]
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[0n3 o (10(k] (1:00)

Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2008, 7:27 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

Tomorrow I'll start my first day at what will hopefully be my summer job. Hooray money! :)

[What's in your head zombie?]
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[5PUD|=4(3] (spudface)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2008, 2:20 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

The Princess of the East Castle

Once upon a time there was a court jester. He loved magic and painting and unicorns. He lived in a house that was bigger on the inside than the outside, and had one too many a garden gnome next to the mailbox. He spent his days drawing green skies and blue grass amongst the purple trees.

It just so happened that one day the princess from the east castle (in a land full of wondrous technologies and really weird porn) decided to take a walk about the jester's garden. Totally oblivious that the princess was stomping about his tomatoes, the jester watched from his round window as she stopped to smell his radish tree. As he started to paint her figure onto his canvas, he felt a longing to jump out at her from the shadows and give her a rather creepily persistant hug.

His heart raced with excitement as he finished his portrait and after several long minutes he let out a shaken "hello". She smiled at him as he started spilling out every secret he had, every emotional story tucked away in his memories. He read her poetry and literature from the ages past and recalled stories of things yet to be imagined.

Silence followed, and as a cold breeze whipped about the trees the princess began to laugh. She started howling with laughter and soon her fiendish giggles filled the forest. The jester stumbled backward, embarrassed and confused. At last she stopped and turned to him. She chuckled once more before letting out a long sigh.

"Potato" said she, and in a puff of green smoke she vanished.


[I remember when I lost my mind,
There was something so pleasant about that place]

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[494i|`|] (again)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2008, 6:35 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]


Twas' a good evening. I didn't get any places, but i did get a check. Whoo! money! :w00t:


Tomorrow night at 5:30-7:30 the HCC Student Show Reception and Awards will be held in the Marie Hull gallery at the Raymond Campus.
Free food and artwork done by myself and all of my friends... what more can you ask for? :)

General viewing of the student show is April 14 - May 7, gallery hours are Mon-Thurs. 8am-3pm, Fri. 8am-12 noon.

[The rest of us is out of reach]
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[57ud3/`/7 5|-|0`/`/] (student show)

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2008, 6:03 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

white.hand_type by DryBones90

white.hand_type is in the student show at Hinds Community College in Raymond MS :)

It isn't for sale or anything (simply because the print job/matting isn't worth anything) but it feels good to take my first small step into an art show.

The graphic design corner was a lonely one however, with only four other prints to keep my 8.5 x 11 green picture company. Drawing however... I highly doubt my "Umbrella Corp." inkwash will get noticed at all. I should probably add that one to my devART gallery when I get the chance.

Bleh... I had a Warheads eating contest with a bunch of friends and I have a speech tomorrow morning... I see problems ahead ^^;

[so when the darkness comes
we won't need the light]

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[`/`/311... d4m||...] (well... damn...)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2008, 11:48 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

Posting a happy journal was a signbad omen.

A tornado made its way through East Rankin county Friday evening. I live only a small ways away from there, and so caught the edge of the tornado where winds ripped apart power lines, roofing, whole trees, and other random things (for instance a motorcycle... which landed on my dad's motorcycle).

We are currently without power until Sunday or Monday at the earliest. Needless to say this is the weekend where I had the most online/computer homework and I will be telling my instructor Monday all about how I couldn't write an outline/audience analysis, because I was too busy doing fun things like cooking from Sterno and cleaning out at least $100 worth of food out of my refrigerator, because we have been without power for 2 days now.

Anyways... I've got a final for Advertising to study for by Wednesday... :salute:

[Castles lay in ruin]
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[34|21`/ 8i|2di3] (early birdie)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2008, 3:46 AM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

Well... not quite... I get up at 5:15 every school morning... I just happen to be... prepared on this particular start of the day. Maybe a good omen, or perhaps a bad one?
Ah, well...

Class was great today. Lunch was good. Hanging out was good. Music and nunchucks were good.
Oh, an ice cream. Had some of that too..

Today has been a good day :)

[I'm made of you and you of me]
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[`/0u|23 5uff0(47in9] (you're suffocating

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2008, 7:16 PM
DryBones90's journal [|23._//574|27]

I am. I was. I will some more.

It's funny how time passes, leaving me thinking of the past, the future... everything but taking in the moment at hand. I just cannot focus on today, this hour, this minute, this second. It works, but just for a second or two... a blinking of an eye. I inhale, gather up my concentration and force myself to stare into the eyes of the moment. It scares me, it comforts me, it interrupts me, and it saves me.

It kills me sometimes.

Music helps, art helps, TV helps, but those around me.. the people I love and hate, I live with or are miles away, every person I know and love... they almost never help. Or at least it seems that way until someone says something that means so much to me, without conditional intention or gain. Then it starts all over again.

"All the problems make me wanna go
like a bad girl straight to video

[throughout the pro-jects]
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[34573|2] (Easter)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2008, 12:42 PM
DryBones90's journal [of doom]

Happy Pagan Celebration of Fertility and Christ Rises from Death Day

The charcoal smudged on my palms are my only sense of accomplishment today, as I sat and drew for hours.

[if you're so smart, explain this Cla-riss-ah]
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